Automotive designer Tushar Jaitly is a graduate of the prestigious Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin, Italy. After graduating, he decided to return to India and start something of his own with the skills that he acquired in Italy. Car customization requires a significant investment in terms of the infrastructure needed, but a motorcycle workshop would require a lot less in terms of infrastructure. He also gravitated naturally towards motorcycles as he felt they offered better scope for personalisation. Tushar started off two years ago on the 24th of September with his first ever bike a Harley-Davidson® Sportster 883, which he redesigned completely. That motorcycle made waves over the internet with the bike being featured on several online magazines and was even on the list of the 10 best customs of 2014 of 'Pipeburn', a website that features some of the world’s most radical custom motorcycles. Tushar’s name was also featured in GQ's list of the top 4 bike builders in the country at the age of 24.

Tushar follows no fixed design philosophy other than that of minimalistic design and going by that philosophy his favorite Harley-Davidson® models to work on are the Sportster line as he says they got just the right amount of everything.

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