Eimor Customs

East India Motorcycle Revolution was formed out of necessity when two IT professionals were unable to find high end customization solutions on the level of the work done in the U.S. or U.K. for their motorcycles, in their native Hyderabad. MJ a talented artist and photographer and Saikat a musician decided to learn the dark arts of motorcycle customization and apply it to their rides. They started off with painting helmets, buckets, metal containers and so on to understand the process, before applying it to their motorcycles. Their creations eventually started gaining attention of onlookers as they rode around and before they knew it their drawing room project evolved into a large workshop churning out award winning creations. Since both of them hailed from fine arts backgrounds they specialize in spectacular paint jobs laden with intricate details, some of which have garnered award laurels such as Best custom Harley® at the 1st India H.O.G. Rally 2013, winner (India Bike Week Goa 2013), best custom Harley-Davidson® Sportster, Softail and Touring at the 2nd India H.O.G. Rally (IBW GOA 2014), best custom Harley® at the Southern H.O.G. Rally 2014, best Custom Harley Sportster® at the Northern H.O.G. Rally 2014, best custom Harley® for a customer at the India H.O.G. Rally 2015, best custom Harley® for a customer, runner's Up at India H.O.G. Rally 2015.

Eimor's philosophy is that the motorcycle should first ride good before looking good. They take great pains in ensuring that the bikes are practical and are a pleasure to ride before being aesthetically beautiful. They are essentially artists, who have been helping many motorcycle enthusiasts all over the country to tell their story through their motorcycles. Motorcycles for them are a canvas to unleash their creativity, they are mobile art exhibits, as they travel from one place to another and have potential to convey a message and be appreciated wherever they go.

And what is their favorite bike to customize; it's the Harley-Davidson® Street 750, why? They feel it is a well designed platform that's stable, has great acceleration yet has a lot of scope for customization.

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